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Creative Anarchy Arsenal®️

Challenge the Conventional: Master Antidesign

Explore the power of asymmetrical shapes, striking textures, irreverent typography, and bold techniques to create flyers that break the mold and stand out in an increasingly minimalist and unexciting market.

Redefining Creative Concepts: The bundle that challenges the norms of Graphic Design.

With us, you don’t just learn to use Photoshop, you learn to reinvent it. In just a few days, you’ll be creating projects that go far beyond the conventional.

Over 200 professional PSD flyers for you to use as you like. These PSDs contain assets and techniques that will astonish you.

An abundance of high-quality texture packs – you no longer have to suffer searching for poor textures on Google.

Over 50 editable stickers with assets for personalization. No more searching the internet for where to download these stickers.

Classes and tutorials teaching techniques from basic to advanced to master Photoshop completely.

Masterclass with guest instructors who are in the trenches of the creative market.

Premium Expansion Pack: Updates with new courses, packs and tools every month.

Understand everything that is included in the Creative Anarchy Arsenal®️

1) The best collection of PSDs in the Design market.

A comprehensive collection of packs with over 250 professional PSD flyers. An extensive range of high-quality, customizable PSD templates, specifically designed to cater to a variety of themes and industries. Each pack is crafted by experienced designers, ensuring that users have access to top-tier, visually appealing designs that adhere to industry standards. No matter your niche, these packs provide the flexibility and quality needed to elevate your projects to a new level.

"They don't have the artworks for the niche I want... what now?"

If the perfect artwork for your project seems out of reach, don’t worry! With our package, you have the freedom to choose a design you like and customize it your way. Swap images, adjust colors, and modify phrases to create a unique piece. The great advantage is flexibility: adapt any artwork to fit your niche in minutes. Discover the ease of bringing your ideas to life with the Creative Anarchy Arsenal®️

1 PSD = infinite possibilities

Discover in the Creative Anarchy Arsenal®️ versatile techniques and resources that adapt to any niche you can imagine.

Whatever your area of interest or specialization, these PSDs have been designed to boost your creativity and efficiency in every aspect. A universe of possibilities at your fingertips!

2) Texture packs and backgrounds to optimize your time.

A super collection of high-quality texture and background packs. Each pack in this collection features high-resolution assets, meticulously selected to enhance the level of your projects. Whatever your niche, these packs provide the essential elements to add richness and realism to your creations. Plus, you’ll no longer have to spend hours searching for these assets online or resort to using low-quality materials.

Transform Your Flyers: Create Amazing Backgrounds in Seconds!

This pack is, undoubtedly, my most valuable secret for quickly creating spectacular backgrounds in all my projects. Ever since I started using these AI-generated images, my days of endless searching on Google are over. Now, I have everything I need at my fingertips, allowing me to focus on what really matters: the creativity and quality of my work.

Boost your creations with our exclusive high-resolution texture pack! Forget the long hours of frustrating searches for quality textures on the internet. With our pack, you get immediate access to a selected collection that puts excellence at your fingertips. Ideal for those seeking efficiency without compromising on quality, this pack is the key to impressive projects with less effort. Get ready to elevate the level of your art, saving time and enhancing your results.

3) Editable stickers to elevate the level of your projects.

A pack that includes more than 50 editable stickers in high resolution, plus it comes with various icons to ease customization. Turn bland flyers into insane projects simply by adding one of the available stickers.

4) Transform your art completely with just one click.

Color Mafia: +100 Gradient Maps

A pack with over 100 color combinations of gradient maps to apply to your flyers, which can completely change the level of your art with just one click.

5) All tutorials teaching how to extract the most from the bundle.

You don’t need to worry about not being able to use the PSDs because you’re a beginner. All the packs come with extremely simple tutorials that will assist you in using everything that’s provided to its maximum potential.

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Premium Expansion Pack: Updates with new courses, packs and tools every month.

Artworks from students weeks after having access to Creative Anarchy Arsenal®️

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The perfect bundle for designers who:

Value Experimentation

Designers who enjoy exploring new ideas and creative approaches, moving away from conventional design practices.

Work on Niche Projects

Ideal for projects that aim to stand out or are directed towards specific audiences, such as underground art, artists, sporting events, among others.

Seek to Provoke or Challenge

Designers who wish to create works that challenge the viewer, provoking reflection or strong emotional reactions.

Connected to Young and Urban Culture

Due to its rebellious and innovative nature, "anti design" often resonates with young, urban culture and avant-garde artistic movements.

Focus on Impactful Messages

Designers who aim to convey messages in an impactful and unusual way can benefit from the shocking and unconventional character of "anti design".

Artists and Digital Creatives

Those who wish to explore the boundaries between art and graphic design.

Anti Design Style x Clean and Minimalist Style

Which of these artworks completely captured your attention?

In a scenario where the competition for attention is fierce and it has become the real currency in the digital market, it’s essential to develop projects that break barriers and challenge the conventions that have restricted creativity in the marketplace.

If you don't create artworks using Creative Anarchy Arsenal®️

You will miss out on several opportunities to attract clients who are looking for a non-conventional style.

Your skill set as a designer will be limited since you won’t have at your disposal the countless possibilities that Pig’s Club offers you.

Other designers who have Pig’s Club will have a competitive advantage over you. Clients seeking this new design trend will be more likely to choose them instead of you.

As the style created by Pig’s Club continues to dominate the design scene, designers who cannot create artworks in this style may be perceived as outdated or less relevant in the industry.

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After using the Creative Anarchy Arsenal®️

Creative Anarchy Arsenal®️

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