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What's so special about the Diamond Bundle?

The Diamond Bundle is a set of Clube do Porkinho’s core products for designers. In one place, you’ll find everything you need to conquer the market and outsell the competition, becoming one of the most prepared and well-equipped designers on the planet. After mastering the products, you will command the market, being the Ultimate Designer.

It’s a chance for you to conquer a new audience as a designer and purchase a series of expensive products from Clube do Porkinho for a price that fits in your pocket! We want you to use our designer arsenal to build a loyal audience that will use your services for years to come! Today, the driving force of Clube do Porkinho will be in your hands, in the form of our Diamond Bundle, a complete kit for you to unlock your full potential as a designer!

You pay once and get results for the rest of your life (immediate, lifetime access to the entire product).


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50 available slots from the launch offer: 90% off.

Immediate access for only: 6x $11.40 or $59 upfront

What items are in the Diamond Bundle?

At Diamond Bundle you’ll find the products you need to turn you into an experienced, well-appreciated, and well-paid professional designer! Only the core products you need to skyrocket your career forever!

[1] Flyer God - Photoshop Course

Our intensive flyer design training.With 90% practical lessons,  you learn from scratch, from “zero to hero”. You learn the tools to master Photoshop, from beginner to advanced, as well as techniques for prospecting customers and developing your business side! It’s a complete, intensive and in-depth training to turn you into a master  of flyer design and a complete professional designer! You become a Flyer God! 

Some of the flyers made by our students:

[2] Supreme Sports Pack

Creating design projects can take days to complete unless… you have a package of high quality design projects already designed. Now you work fewer hours to create better solutions and profit more from each customer. With a few hours of work a day, you can easily earn up to $10,000.00 a month. Would that be a significant income for you? I know it was for me…

With Supreme Pack on your hands, you’ll have access to 108 insane sports flyers ready for you to edit and sell. These are flyers with high market value, ready to be delivered to your customers. All of them are completely editable, with high quality assets that you can use and abuse as you please. You can use it as a ready to go template, or use it as an infinite pool of resources. You’ll never search for assets on google again. A real flyer vending machine! Our biggest PSD pack yet.

Acess to +100 PSD files:

[3] Legendary Sports Pack

The most refined material in the sports design area! Legendary flyers, made by true masters in their fields, using specialized techniques and refined by them, using the most advanced tools on the market! All made exclusively for the creation of this pack! Owning this collection means being among the 0.1% of designers that command the market. This is no ordinary pack and is not for everyone. This pack is only for those who want to be among the greatest designers on the planet!

Acess to 25 PSD files:

[4] World Cup Pack

The 30 best flyers of the 2022 World Cup. Amazing and themed arts, made by experts in sports design, exclusively for the World Cup. These flyers have a high market value and can increase up to 10x during the World Cup period. Using this pack wisely can mean making a lot of money in World Cup month. The arts will be worth a lot forever, but during the tournament that the world will stop watching, the price of these arts will be astronomical!

Acess to 30 PSD files:

[Bônus] You get all the bonuses that come with products sold individually

[1] Design Pitch Deck

First impressions matter lot when it comes down to closing clients. A great proposal will boost your chances for every new prospect. Close more, faster and charge more. We heard ‘yes’ over +500 times before sharing this powerful tool with our design community.

[2] Learn in practice how to edit templates

You receive 2 course teaching how to edit the pamphlets in the pack in the most practical and efficient way possible. So you’ll have a collection of powerful templates and you’ll even learn how to use them in the best way to scale your revenue.

[3] Ultimate After Effects Traning

You also get acess to our complete motion flyer masterclass, showing you how to animate from scratch one of our best flyers, using Adobe After Effects. Motion arts are worth 2-3 times more than static arts, making it an incredible hability to increase your income as a designer.

[4] Super Texture Pack

A high-quality texture pack so you never waste time looking for amateur textures on the internet. Is all about making our work faster.

[5] Ultimate Sports Stickers Pack

Sticker Pack with more than 50 customizable stickers of the most high quality, along with an additional pack of 100 icons to customize your stickers or your artwork.

[6] Golden Artists Pack

Here are 10 fully customizable music design templates for Photoshop. If you want to learn how to develop the best secret arts to attract more customers, this pack was made especially for you. You will have the opportunity to take one of our best-selling products for free.

Lets recap everything that you are getting in Diamond Bundle:

Exclusive Discount

or $59 upfront
90% OFF

Take a look at what our students are saying about our products:

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6x $11.40 or $59 upfront

You pay once and get results for the rest of your life (immediate, lifetime access to the entire product).


*Do not close this page, you may lose the discount of $500.

50 available slots from the launch offer: 90% off.

Immediate access for only: 6x $11.40 or $59 upfront

Brazil’s largest sport design community

Founded by John Alonso and Leo Baltazar, two young entrepreneurs from Brazil, the ‘Club’ is now one of the country’s biggest design communities. By challenging the way design is traditionally teached in courses or colleges, they are showing that design and Photoshop can be learned at any age, social status or financial condition. With clients across the globe, Pig’s Design Club is the consolidation of John’s and Leo’s vision of helping others that dream of making money and working with something we all love – design.


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