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If there are no arguments against facts, there are no arguments against results either. See below some of the thousands of success stories from the Flyer God project. Who knows, maybe the next one could be yours?

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Projects created by students who started from scratch

Student’s artworks weeks after joining Flyer God


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Since the last time we opened the doors for the Flyer God project, thousands of people have been asking for new spots. The day has come for you to have access to the great benefits of this method. And for the lowest price since the training was launched.

At Flyer God, you will have access to the complete guide to move from an amateur to a professional level within Photoshop. It is the most comprehensive training for those who want to stop struggling with creative blocks and be able to create anything in a matter of minutes.

At Flyer God, you will see the intricacies of the customer acquisition machine that will work for any professional, regardless of their current level. You will be able to close up to 5 times more clients by applying this strategy.

The financial freedom to live a life of choices. With unlimited options! The time freedom of not having to be stuck in the exhausting 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. work routine. The geographical freedom of simply hopping in your car, hitting the road, or boarding a plane and heading to the first destination that comes to mind. You can have all of this. No matter your age, education level, or where you are from.

This is not just another one of those courses out there where the teacher hides what they know. They only teach the most basic techniques and strategies while keeping to themselves what really works and makes them money. At Flyer God, we’re going to give you all the secrets and unlock Photoshop once and for all. Everything that the biggest names in the design market apply to their projects to make big money.

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Premium member area

Access to training in an exclusive members-only area.

I want you to have the best possible experience while watching the classes and applying all the content from Flyer God. That’s why our team has dedicated efforts over the past 2 years to create the best platform dedicated to Flyer God members. An experience as complete and transformative as you have never seen in any other online course.


Get to know the 3 levels of the Flyer God project.

This method was created in this way so that everyone can follow the classes and achieve professional success in the design market. It doesn’t matter your age, educational background, or where you are from.

At this level, you will learn all the theoretical aspects of graphic design. Design principles, typography, color theory, and everything else that a first-class designer should know.

At this level, you move on to the practical part, where we start using Photoshop and teach you all the techniques and hacks that the world’s top designers hide from you.

In the last level, after becoming a true Photoshop god, we will teach you how to get clients every day through our “Design Pitch Deck” strategy.

In this module, we will welcome you and introduce you to the Flyer God training. This way, you can get to know us a little better and officially start your journey with us.

In this module, we will teach you all the theoretical aspects that an elite designer needs to know. Quickly and concisely. What colleges take 5 years to teach you, we will deliver in just a few hours.

In the onboarding module, we will dissect Photoshop for you. We will introduce you to all the necessary tools to reach the highest level in the market, including the “hidden” tools that no one teaches.

Do you struggle to cut out elements within Photoshop? Then you need to watch these classes. Here you’ll learn how to perfectly cut out any image quickly and confidently.

Do you know those image treatments that professional photographers apply to their projects? Here you will learn the most advanced photo editing techniques in the graphic design market.

Have you ever heard someone say that working well with light and shadow in an image is crucial to creating something with a lot of visual impact? Well, in this module, you’ll learn the ambientation techniques that separate professionals from amateurs.

The post-production part of your composition is crucial for a high-level technical project. This is where you adjust all the details and add that final touch to leave the client speechless.

In this module, we will create several projects from scratch, showing you each step in detail. We will apply all the lessons learned throughout the course to various flyers with different styles, focusing on the sports niche.

In this module, we will create several projects from scratch, showing you each step in detail. We will apply all the lessons learned throughout the course to various flyers with different styles, focusing on the artist niche.

Free Bonus - 3 gift products

Thought it was over? At Flyer God, you will have access to two additional bonus products. You will receive the Introduction to After Effects course to take your first steps in Motion Design. Additionally, you will also receive the Designer Pitch Deck, our client prospecting strategy to fill your project schedule.


3 bonuses available only until the end of the Clube do Porkinho’s anniversary offer.

Birthday Promotion | 85% off

The best strategy to attract clients in 2023.

A professional and customizable business proposal for you to send to your customers. It contains everything you need to make your work more professional and gain the trust of your customers, as well as increase your market value.

In addition, we also include a Customer Prospecting Masterclass, for you to improve your capture process, increasing your customer base and another class teaching from scratch how to edit and assemble your proposal, helping you to put your ideas into practice.

Take your first steps in Motion Design easily and quickly.

In this 3h long course, our motion design specialist will teach you all the secrets and hacks to master After Effects in the easiest way possible.

Most designers never get out of their comfort zone because Motion Graphics takes a lot of time to learn – we are solving this problem with this Training. We will teach you exactly what you need to differentiate yourself in marketing, combining design and motion graphics.

The best high-definition textures available on the internet in one place.

The Godlike Texture Pack is made so you never have to look for resources all around the internet again. We have selected only the best high quality materials for your artworks.


Flyer God satisfaction seal.

My confidence in the results you will achieve with the Flyer God method is so great that I will give you a 30-day guarantee. After purchasing the training, if you do not like it or do not get the desired results during this period, simply send an email to contatoclubedopork@gmail.com and someone from our team will process a 100% refund of the invested amount.

Birthday Promotion | 85% off


Frequently asked questions in case you still have any doubts

Yes! We wish we had access to such complete and beginner friendly training. With the right methodology, even a total beginner can become a Photoshop God in a matter of weeks. We will teach you step by step, from basics to advanced level so you can develop really fast in your journey.

Since we are launching it in a special condition, everyone that buys it right now will have lifetime access to the entire training. You already start with over 20+ hours of content and that number can increase over time with new classes or updates.

When the system approves and confirms your payment (which usually takes less than minutes), your access will immediately be sent via email to you. In case you don’t find it in there, please check your spam.

Our objective with this training is to give you actual value to transform your career. We will show you how to master Photoshop, with skills, techniques and theories of how great design works. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can just ask for you money back. The entire value will be returned to you. No bureaucracy or justification is needed.

Click the button below and secure your spot. I don’t know when (or if) this opportunity will appear for you again.

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Founded by John Alonso and Leo Baltazar, two young entrepreneurs from Brazil, the ‘Club’ is now one of the country’s biggest design communities. By challenging the way design is traditionally teached in courses or colleges, they are showing that design and Photoshop can be learned at any age, social status or financial condition. With clients across the globe, Pig’s Design Club is the consolidation of John’s and Leo’s vision of helping others that dream of making money and working with something we all love – design.

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