Therefore, I have decided to give you a second chance with an irresistible offer. I will add 2 bonus products: “Color Mafia Pro (Vol.1)” and the “Workshop | AI & The Future of Design.” Together, they would normally cost $53 dollars. But right now, I will include both in the offer and reduce the price by 50% for you to get everything. Now you can get the Flyer God + 5 bonuses for half the price of the previous offer.

A completely new method of creating professional flyers in Photoshop in just a few minutes, from absolute scratch.

In this training, you will learn how to:

This training is the difference between earning $2,000 per month as an amateur designer and earning $10,000 per month as a professional designer.

Exclusive bonuses

In this offer, you also get:

Bonus #01 | The best strategy to attract clients in 2023.

A professional and customizable business proposal for you to send to your customers. It contains everything you need to make your work more professional and gain the trust of your customers, as well as increase your market value. In addition, we also include a Customer Prospecting Masterclass, for you to improve your capture process, increasing your customer base and another class teaching from scratch how to edit and assemble your proposal, helping you to put your ideas into practice.

Bonus #02 | Take your first steps in Motion Design easily and quickly.

In this 3h long course, our motion design specialist will teach you all the secrets and hacks to master After Effects in the easiest way possible. Most designers never get out of their comfort zone because Motion Graphics takes a lot of time to learn – we are solving this problem with this Training. We will teach you exactly what you need to differentiate yourself in marketing, combining design and motion graphics.

Bonus #03 | The best high-definition textures available on the internet in one place.

The Godlike Texture Pack is made so you never have to look for resources all around the internet again. We have selected only the best high quality materials for your artworks.

Bonus #04 | Your creativity can fail, Color Mafia cannot.

Never be held hostage by your creativity again with this gradient package that allows you to transform any amateur flyer into an incredible project with just 1 click.

Bonus #05 | Designers and AI: How to leverage artificial intelligence to your advantage.

Designers and AI have had a complicated relationship. It is understandable that designers might fear that an artificial intelligence tool will take over their work. But this fear is misplaced. Artificial intelligence is merely an assistive tool for their daily tasks, allowing designers to rest assured while they continue to innovate.

The value of everything you receive is an impressive $394.

Total price: $394

*Today only, you save $374.

2x $10,50

or $20 upfront


Flyer God satisfaction seal.

My confidence in the results you will achieve with the Flyer God method is so great that I will give you a 30-day guarantee. After purchasing the training, if you do not like it or do not get the desired results during this period, simply send an email to contatoclubedopork@gmail.com and someone from our team will process a 100% refund of the invested amount.

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