Conquer new customers on social networks with all the power that Photoshop has to offer.

An ocean of design clients is waiting for you. Here you have the right tools to get them.

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Immediate and lifetime access

You can access the training immediately, and watch at your own pace.

From Zero to Hero

You'll learn everything from absolute zero. Even if you never used Photoshop before.

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More than 20 hours of content

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Our classes are 90% practical and direct to the point. You won't waste hours with useless theory.

Meet the Flyer God Members Area: where the magic happens

Here you can see what you will find after joining the training. Flyer God content is available to you as soon as you log in to the area. Here you will find the key content to become the ultimate designer.

85% of our students were fairly new into graphic design

They were beginners working with mock ups and with very basic knowledge of photoshop. Some of them had only a few weeks of experience. Others have never used photoshop before.

Student’s artworks weeks after joining Flyer God

Becoming a Flyer God

Flyer God is every designer’s companion. The “must have” training designers need to advance their careers. In it you learn to create professional artwork and flyers from scratch, with practical classes that teach you the essentials to master the tool in a short time.

Our training is totally focused on practice and efficiency, without empty theories or wasted time. The main goal is for you to really master photoshop and start making money with your artwork and flyers as soon as possible.

The essentials and beyond.

The training every designer needs.

The right tool for the job

Learn everything you need to know to create amazing art in photoshop. You learn the tools, resources and tricks to fully master the tool and become a graphic design master. Teaching is really from the basics. You will learn to become a master even if you start out knowing nothing about photoshop or design in general.

We teach the most desired modern techniques in the social media market.

And of course, you learn from the basics.

Conquer social media with insane professional flyers

Social networks love graphic design and most deals are done through them. They are the biggest showcase for designers, allowing their publications to reach thousands of people, and mainly, customers. Professional arts are extremely desired on pages and profiles that want quality and visually impactful content.

You’ll crush the competition forever.

Your arts will steal the show.

Learn from the best

The training is taught by major players from the largest design community in Brazil, studying successful cases and teaching you to create your very own. Teachers teach from scratch using great reference works and flyers that are successful around the world. You’ll learn to create what’s working in the market right now.

The market is on fire... The time is now!

The market is at its all time peak and every day thousands of customers look for designers to create flyers for promotional and advertising campaigns, events, and project launches. The flyer sector is becoming insanely huge and also one of the highest-paid in the design industry. Master the flyer creation process and you will greatly increase your revenue and customer flow.

4 x $10.76 or $39 upfront

The Flyer God in its most powerful version.

More than 20 hours of classes that will turn you into a true Flyer God.

Module 01


  • Who we are / Welcome
  • Important informations

Module 02

Introduction to Graphic Design

  • Graphic design principles
  • Color theory in design 
  • Typography
  • Asset Search 

Module 03

Onboarding Photoshop

  • How to create a new project
  • Toolbar
  • Brush
  • Layers / Mask
  • Smart Object
  • Blend Modes
  • Adjustment layers 
  • Filters
  • Shortcuts 
  • Saving / Exporting files

Module 04


  • Pen Tool
  • Automatic cropping
  • Brush, select and mask – Refinement of cutouts
  • Cropping by channels

Module 05

Advanced Image Processing

  • Camera Raw 
  • Oil Paint 
  • Dodge and Burn
  • Frequency separation

Module 06

Shadow, light and atmosphere

  • Introduction – theoretical to light and shadow
  • How to create light and shadow in Photoshop
  • Atmosphere of the character to the scene 

Module 07

Post Production

  • Color Lookup + Camera Raw 
  • RGB Distortion + Lens Correction 
  • Glitch distortion 
  • Glow applied to highlights 

Module 08

Sport flyer design

  • Flyer 1 – Vapor Wave Neymar
  • Flyer 2 – Haaland
  • Flyer 3 – James Harden
  • Flyer 4 – Javont Willians
  • Flyer 5 – Cleveland
  • Flyer 6 – Loud

Module 09

Artist flyer design

  • Flyer 1 – DJ Manipulation
  • Flyer 2 – Anitta
  • Flyer 3 – Roddy Rich
  • Flyer 4 – The Weekend
  • Flyer 5 – Fisher & Mednas
  • Flyer 6 – The Lillard

Bonuses: Reaching the next Level of the Flyer God

If you buy the Flyer God Training right now, you also get free access to other incredible materials we have prepared to help you even more in your journey.

Bonus #01: Ultimate After Effects Traning

*Bonus available only on launch offer

In this 3h long course, our motion design specialist will teach you all the secrets and hacks to master After Effects in the easiest way possible. Most designers never get out of their comfort zone because Motion Graphics takes a lot of time to learn – we are solving this problem with this Training. We will teach you exactly what you need to differentiate yourself in marketing, combining design and motion graphics.

Bonus #02: Designer`s Pitch Deck

*Bonus available only on launch offer

A professional and customizable business proposal for you to send to your customers. It contains everything you need to make your work more professional and gain the trust of your customers, as well as increase your market value. In addition, we also include a Customer Prospecting Masterclass, for you to improve your capture process, increasing your customer base and another class teaching from scratch how to edit and assemble your proposal, helping you to put your ideas into practice. This is the product you must have if you are starting to do business with new customers.

Bonus #03: Free Editable PSD Files

*Bonus available only on launch offer

Discover how top of class designers work with layers, effects, textures and photo treatment. These are our own creations and we are giving it away for free to help you.

Bonus #04: Giga Texture Pack

*Bonus available only on launch offer

The Godlike Texture Pack is made so you never have to look for resources all around the internet again. We have selected only the best high quality materials for your artworks.

You pay once and get results for the rest of your life (Immediate and Lifelong access to the entire product).


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Immediate access for only: 4 x $10.76 or $39 upfront

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Frequently asked questions in case you still have any doubts

Yes! We wish we had access to such complete and beginner friendly training. With the right methodology, even a total beginner can become a Photoshop God in a matter of weeks. We will teach you step by step, from basics to advanced level so you can develop really fast in your journey.

Since we are launching it in a special condition, everyone that buys it right now will have lifetime access to the entire training. You already start with over 20+ hours of content and that number can increase over time with new classes or updates.

When the system approves and confirms your payment (which usually takes less than minutes), your access will immediately be sent via email to you. In case you don’t find it in there, please check your spam.

Our objective with this training is to give you actual value to transform your career. We will show you how to master Photoshop, with skills, techniques and theories of how great design works. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can just ask for you money back. The entire value will be returned to you. No bureaucracy or justification is needed.

4 x $10.76 or $39 upfront

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Don’t worry, 100% secure website, reliable company and guaranteed delivery.

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After clicking the purchase button, you will be redirected to one of the largest and most secure payment platforms in Latin America, Hotmart. Follow the step by step:

We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

If for any reason you don’t like the pack, don’t feel satisfied, or think it’s not for you, during the first 30 days after purchase, just request a refund and we’ll refund your investment 100%. No questions, no bureaucracy! 100% safe!

4 x $10.76 or $39 upfront

Brazil’s largest sport design community

Founded by John Alonso and Leo Baltazar, two young entrepreneurs from Brazil, the ‘Club’ is now one of the country’s biggest design communities. By challenging the way design is traditionally teached in courses or colleges, they are showing that design and Photoshop can be learned at any age, social status or financial condition. With clients across the globe, Pig’s Design Club is the consolidation of John’s and Leo’s vision of helping others that dream of making money and working with something we all love – design.



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