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Only $15 dollars (85% OFF)

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Classes, resources, and 25 PSD files from our very best work. 10-plus years of Photoshop experience, decoded for you. The method of teaching with over 5.000 students all around the world.

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Only $15 dollars (85% OFF)

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In this video, you will see the training through the lens of a student. Let’s break down everything you’ll have immediate and lifetime access to when you complete your registration today.

The bulletproof method to speed learning in graphic design (6 Steps)

We show you how to work with assets and resources to create fantastic design projects in just a few minutes. Completely wizardry.

Our best ideas on negotiation, sales, and prospecting clients. Learning Photoshop is kinda pointless if you can’t close new projects. We teach you exactly how to do it.

25 totally editable PSD files with high-quality assets and effects. We unlock your mind to the techniques that earn us 6-digits a month as designers.

Here are 10 fully customizable music design templates for Photoshop. If you want to learn how to develop the best secret arts to attract more customers, this pack was made especially for you.

Sticker Pack with more than 50 customizable stickers of the most high quality, along with an additional pack of 100 icons to customize your stickers or your artwork.
A high-quality texture pack so you never waste time looking for amateur textures on the internet. Is all about making our work faster.

You pay once and get results for the rest of your life (Immediate and Lifelong access to the entire product).


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25 available slots from the launch offer: 85% off.

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Designers from different backgrounds and skill set worldwide have multiplied their income with this simple (but unique) tool. Check out what our customers are saying.

You have to escape the rat trap most designers are falling for!

Most of us at some point in our careers have fallen into this trap.

The one in which we became hostages of work and study. Working 12-14 hours in agencies or spending thousands of dollars on expensive education… only to find ourselves unhappy with the outcomes.

I went through both experiences – never got what I deserved. This is the old but not the best path for designers to follow. 

The rise of entrepreneurship reveals a gigantic opportunity for every one of us to have our clients and finally make some good money. But creating design projects can take days to get done, unless… you have a bundle of high-quality design projects already designed. 

Now, you work fewer hours to create better solutions and make more profits from which client. With a few hours of work per day, you could easily win up to $10.000,00 a month.

Would that be a meaningful income for you? I know that it was for me…

“Realizing this is what allowed me to go from $800,00 to $10.000,00 in monthly income in 6 weeks…”

The quality projects our costumers have been able to create in matter of minutes w/ the Supreme blueprint method.

The turning point...

A few years ago, we used to work about 12-14 hours a day and make absolutely 0 money from the design we just didn’t have the right connections, skills, or information about the industry.

When we tried to spend money on the first Photoshop courses, we didn’t have the time to learn all at the same time. We started from the real bottom. ZERO EXPERIENCE, ZERO MONEY, and ZERO TEACHERS GUIDE US.

And let there be no doubt… this situation we were in was BAD. We had a real passion for design and Photoshop, but the path just seemed too hard. No clients, little improvement, and sleepless nights.

But… one day, we decided to change things. We made a decision that would completely transform our lives and professional careers.

Work smarter, earn more money.

We decided to start to filter what we studied, and from whom we would learn and we created an aggressive goal for ourselves: We would start to make a living 100% from our Photoshop skills.

The secret for this, as we’ve learned along this journey, is to learn to work smart as a designer, and not only hard work. Don’t get me wrong, hustle is key to speeding your process and earnings, but don’t buy that 15-hour work-a-day nonsense.

You need to prioritize and speed up your learning curves. It is about developing skills that can’t be ignored and it is about creating faster creative solutions for clients.

Maybe you know someone just like we used to be… or maybe you are the one in this position. And we know that it isn’t a good position to be in, but I promise you that there is a solution for it…

This is where you must choose what path you are going to follow as a designer in this world...

Let me give you two options:

01: You can buy a Photoshop course or enroll at a design college and spend a lot of money upfront. After you watched hours and hours of theory, would you really come out as a PHOTOSHOP MASTER?

02: You can spend 1% of what the first option would cost you and have full access to real client projects from professional designers and receive an unbelievable amount of useful resources, templates, and materials to use immediately in your own projects.

Which one of the options actually gives you a return for your investment?

Which designer will come out as a more ready professional in a shorter period of time? Yes. The first option is the traditional way design has been taught for the past decades, before the internet, before social networks, and before freelancers could earn way more by themselves, working from home, than in a good 9-5 job.

We are not saying that there is no value in courses or college. But you need to understand if you are really ok with the amount of money you’ll need to invest upfront and the amount of theoretical knowledge you’ll receive. Designers that are winning in the digital market are focusing on PRACTICAL ACTIONS. Less effort, more results this is all about working smarter and making the right decisions. That’s what we are offering… Does this look like a good proposition for you?

What if a told you that we even lowered the price to the point that financial objection no longer matters…

Learn from the best in the market

You receive a product that compiles the experience of 3 professional and successful designers who have been in the market for more than 5 years, creating impact projects for global brands.

Leo Baltazar


Leo Varricchio


João Alonso


Only $15 dollars (85% OFF)

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If for any reason you don’t like the pack, don’t feel satisfied, or think it’s not for you, during the first 30 days after purchase, just request a refund and we’ll refund your investment 100%. No questions, no bureaucracy! 100% safe!

Only $15 dollars (85% OFF)

You pay once and get results for the rest of your life (Immediate and Lifelong access to the entire product).


*Do not close this page, you may lose the discount of $85.

25 available slots from the launch offer: 85% off.

Immediate access for only: $15 > 85% OFF

Brazil’s largest sport design community

Founded by John Alonso and Leo Baltazar, two young entrepreneurs from Brazil, the ‘Club’ is now one of the country’s biggest design communities. By challenging the way design is traditionally teached in courses or colleges, they are showing that design and Photoshop can be learned at any age, social status or financial condition. With clients across the globe, Pig’s Design Club is the consolidation of John’s and Leo’s vision of helping others that dream of making money and working with something we all love – design.


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