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Why learning to master After Effects should be your number one priority right now?

It was by combining my skills as a designer with mastery of a powerful animation tool like After Effects that I was able to take off and fill my schedule with well-paying clients for my services.

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You’ll miss out on a significant number of opportunities to attract clients and engage audiences who are seeking animated video content.

Your skill set as a designer will be limited, as you won’t be able to offer the increasingly popular and in-demand service of creating animated videos.

Other designers who can create animated videos will have a competitive advantage over you. Clients looking for animation work will be more likely to choose them over you.

As video continues to dominate the digital landscape, designers who cannot create animated videos may be perceived as outdated or less relevant in the industry.

Overall, not knowing how to create animated videos can significantly hinder your professional growth, limit your client base, and impede your success in an increasingly video-centric market.

Before learning Motion Design:

After learning Motion Design:

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If there are no arguments against facts, there are no arguments against results either. See below some of the thousands of success stories from the Motion God project. Who knows, maybe the next one could be yours?

Projects you’ll learn to animate with Motion Stories God

The pillars that will forever change your career forever.

All the skills you will master with Motion God

Yes, it’s a scary software to learn all by yourself…

After Effects

In this section, we’ll cover the basics of the software, including its interface and tools, so you can start creating immediately.


Learn how to use keyframes to make precise adjustments to your animations and bring your creative vision to life.


In this section, you’ll learn how to use animation curves to add smoothness and control to your animations.

Best Free

Save time and money with our recommendations for the best free plugins available for After Effects. These powerful tools will help you take your projects to the next level.

The Magic of

Discover the magic of pre-compositions, which allows you to break down complex compositions into smaller, more manageable parts.

Timing &

Explore the world of timing and expressions to add more dynamic movement to your animations.

Integrating Photoshop
to After Effects

Learn how to bring in Photoshop assets and use them in your After Effects projects, saving time and streamlining your workflow.

Motion for

Discover how to use After Effects to add movement to your typography and make your text come alive.

Pin Tool

Learn how to use the Puppet Pin Tool to add organic movement to your animations, making them feel more lifelike.

3D Parallax

Use the 3D Parallax Camera to create the illusion of depth and add a new level of interest to your animations.


In this section, you’ll learn how to use After Effects for editing and post-production, giving you all the skills you need to create polished, professional videos.


Learn how to create custom transitions and add a professional touch to your videos.


Discover how to use sound effects to enhance your animations and add more significant impact to your projects.


You’ll learn how to use color correction techniques to perfect the colors in your animations and ensure they look their best.


We’ll cover post-production techniques to help you polish and finalize your animations, which will be ready for sharing with the world.

Free Bonus - 3 gift products

Thought it was over? At Motion God, you will have access to two additional bonus products. You will receive the Introduction to After Effects course to take your first steps in Motion Design. Additionally, you will also receive the Designer Pitch Deck, our client prospecting strategy to fill your project schedule.

The best strategy to attract clients in 2023.

A professional and customizable business proposal for you to send to your customers. It contains everything you need to make your work more professional and gain the trust of your customers, as well as increase your market value.

In addition, we also include a Customer Prospecting Masterclass, for you to improve your capture process, increasing your customer base and another class teaching from scratch how to edit and assemble your proposal, helping you to put your ideas into practice.

From $39 to $0

Photoshop introductory course.

In the onboarding module, we will dissect Photoshop for you. We will introduce you to all the necessary tools to reach the highest level in the market, including the “hidden” tools that no one teaches.

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The best feature pack on the Motion Design market.

Dust Particles ♦ Fire ♦ Transitions ♦ Leaks ♦ Noise ♦ Smoke ♦ Sparks ♦ Glitch ♦ Surprise

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See all the bonuses you’ll get:

The value of everything you receive is an impressive $362.

Total price: $362

2x $13.66

or $26 upfront

*Today only, you save $336

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To be completely honest, I’ve been in your shoes before, not knowing how to get my first clients or increase my earnings, and I didn’t have the money to invest in expensive courses.

I had to do my best to seek knowledge with the resources I had, and I promised myself that if I ever had the opportunity to do something for those who were going through the same situation I did, I wouldn’t hesitate to help.

Motion Stories God is my way of helping people like you who aspire to achieve more success, recognition, and money in this industry.


1 year of warranty on the Motion Stories God

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Yes! If you access the product and realize it’s not for you, you can request a refund within 1 year. Most people only offer a 7-day window. Why do I do this? Because I understand how much this course will transform your video projects.

⚠️ The risk is 100% ours… Furthermore, I am so confident that you will be satisfied with the Motion Stories God that even if you don’t like it and request a refund, I will still keep your access to the course unlocked as an apology. That’s right, in case you don’t like what you receive, you can get your money back and still keep the product.

How we can help you?

Answers to help you make the best decision for you future.

Yes! We wish we had access to such complete and beginner friendly training. With the right methodology, even a total beginner can become a After Effects God in a matter of weeks. We will teach you step by step, from basics to advanced level so you can develop really fast in your journey.

Yes! We wish we had access to such complete and beginner friendly training. With the right methodology, even a total beginner can become a After Effects God in a matter of weeks. We will teach you step by step, from basics to advanced level so you can develop really fast in your journey.

When the system approves and confirms your payment (which usually takes less than minutes), your access will immediately be sent via email to you. In case you don’t find it in there, please check your spam.

Our objective with this training is to give you actual value to transform your career. We will show you how to master After Effects, with skills, techniques and theories of how great motion design works. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can just ask for you money back. The entire value will be returned to you. No bureaucracy or justification is needed.

We are building the largest design community in the world.

The Pig’s Design Club is the fastest growing digital design school in the world. We have more than 10,000 students that are thriving with the help of our resources. Motion God was developed because learning motion graphics is a special skillset to differentiate yourself from the competition.

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