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Welcome to the Club

By becoming our student, you gain access to the Pig’s Design Club’s new teaching platform. All the training, courses, and disciplines in one place to turn you into a well-paid designer once and for all.

What they're saying about Pig’s Design Club:

We receive amazing feedback from students every day

How long do results usually take to appear?

It is common for you to notice significant improvements or sell projects in the first few days inside the training. (we need to see if there are prints to support this).


A validated method to evolve and win clients. Learn about the 3 levels of Pig's Design Club.

Here you start from scratch and, in no time, you are already doing incredible projects. This is the basis of our globally validated methodology. We have decoded the design world into simple and achievable steps.

Objective: Master the Basics

You will have a step-by-step guide to get started and develop incredible pieces in Photoshop. Fast.

Courses: Flyer God, Ultimate Sticker Pack, Super Texture Pack, Color Mafia.

Objective: Sharpening the Axe

Stand out from the competition by increasing your arsenal of skills. Combine motion, carousels and styles with Photoshop and dominate the design world.

Courses: Motion Stories God, Supreme Sports Pack, Legendary Pack, Soccer Ultimate Pack.

Objective: $5,000 per month

You probably already have clients begging for your time here, but now we want to consciously choose the type of clients and services we will offer.

Courses: Designer Pitch Deck, Workshop – Productize Your Services, Introduction Branding, AI & The future of design.

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Create professional flyers and profit from your skills in this intensive photoshop training.
The companion of perfectionists. Improve the finesse and detail of your artwork with editable stickers and icons.
A new layer for your designs. Give your arts the final touch with these professional textures. 1GB of material at your disposal.
Make arts from another world. Professionalize your artwork with ready-to-use professional gradient maps.
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Make professional animated stories and start earning money by venturing into the motion area.
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Our biggest pack of sports flyers at your disposal. There are 110 awesome templates ready to be edited and sold.
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Our premium content. The 25 greatest sports flyers on the planet are waiting for you. Fully editable templates.
All the strength of the world cup in your hands. Holds 30 world cup 2022 sports flyer templates.
Close more deals using this professional template made for designers. A new way to approach customers.
Transform services into profitable and scalable products with this practical course on productization for service providers.
This AI and design course teaches how to use artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency of the creative process.
The best background pack on the market, plus it comes with an incredible lesson teaching how to build a professional background in practice.
Learn how to develop successful brands based on organizational values and communication strategies in this branding course.

The total amount you would pay:

This would be the amount you would pay to acquire all the available courses and packs within the subscription.


Total amount you will invest today:

By becoming a subscriber to the platform, you invest only $15/month and can cancel anytime. You only pay for the time you use.


Get to know from the inside

Get to know the inside of the Pig's Design Club members' area.

In this video, you’ll have a student’s view of the platform. We’ll break down everything you’ll have immediate access to when you enroll today.

Additionally, every month we will have a guest teacher delivering a Masterclass.

We invite experts and former students to share their experiences and teach you everything they know.

Updates like you've never seen in any course

You have a plus monthly updates on the platform with new courses, training and packs. We listen to the pains and desires of our students, and execute on that. It’s practically a new course every month. The best support in world.

1 New Course

1 New Masterclass (Collab)

A place to call our own

The Discord community is where we’ll gather designers with similar goals and challenges. It will be a support network and a place to celebrate your achievements. You’ll never be alone on this tough journey again.

Any questions?

Get all your questions answered about how our school works. If you have any other questions, call us at contatoclubedopork@gmail.com and we’ll help you!

If you’re a designer looking for a comprehensive package of digital products, PSD packs, assets, design tools and education on motion, graphic design, and businesses, then this subscription program is perfect for you.

We offer monthly, half-yearly and annual subscription options, with a discount on annual subscriptions.

The subscription includes access to all of our digital products, PSD packs, assets, design tools and education on motion, graphic design, and businesses, to help you get everything you need to succeed as a designer.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel within 7 days of subscribing, you will receive a full refund. After that, you will only pay for what you have used.

Yes, we will have frequent updates and always feed our subscription with new content for subscribers.

Users receive immediate access upon confirmation of payment and for the duration of the subscription period.

If you prefer, you can listen to our students talking about our platform.

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$15Monthly Charge
  • all courses
  • All PSD`s packs
  • All texture packs
  • exclusive community
  • New course every month
  • New masterclass (collab) every month

What is the Pig's Design Club?

Three young designers in their twenties are the minds behind one of the largest design communities in the world. We started in 2021 to help designers with free content, videos and resources – but our careers in design already have more than 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, managing clients, working in agencies and startups.

We know what it’s like to open the blank screen of Photoshop and have no idea where to start. We also had to learn everything the hard way. Without friends or family in the industry, without a polished portfolio and without much perspective. We turned the game around on our own. With patience. With desire. Today, the Porkinho Club is one of the largest design schools in the country and impacts millions of designers from various corners of the world with its courses, training and content.

After four years running our agency and working with some of the leading names in the sports, music and events industry, the purpose of teaching and sharing our experience spoke louder. We gave up the dream of the agency to dream of empowering a new generation of designers to achieve results similar to ours.

We quickly realized that the conventional path was not for us, and the Porkinho Club is our manifestation of that. Fortunately, the accumulated results in recent months already give us the certainty that we are on the right path. We hope you will be one of the designers positively impacted by our ideas, projects and training.

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