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Hey, ever thought about making $2,000 a month as a designer, working just 20 little hours a week? Yeah, sounds like a dream, right? But we’ll show you how to make that dream come true. You know, we don’t do this all the time, but today I’m here to give you a big push. I’m gonna give you a golden opportunity: to slash the price of our course in half. Yes, you read that right. This is an offer that’s just for you, you know? This is the last time I’m bringing this great deal to you. I want to see you taking full advantage of our course, paying way less.

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Welcome to the Flyer God Formula

Discover How to Earn $2000 per Month as a Designer Creating Viral Flyers

More than 2.000 designers have used this method!

Just implement the method to achieve results like these:

Client Testimonials:

What Most Designers Believe:

Flyer God Method:

You need a proven method to succeed in graphic design.

This is the most effective strategy for people who want to earn a high income without needing to invest in expensive courses or equipment.

Get to know the 3 levels of the Flyer God Method.

This is the best way to unlock your full potential as a graphic designer.

01- Creation Phase

Imagine completely unlocking Photoshop and being able to unleash all your creative potential. This is what you will learn in the first phase of the Formula. With an extremely practical and fast approach, even as a beginner, you will transform into an expert in creation and know how to create projects that enchant anyone.

02- Strategy Phase

Most designers fail to achieve the dream goal of 2k per month because they think mastering Photoshop is everything and as you must have noticed, it’s not. In the strategy phase, we will teach you how to think with a business mindset, and you will leave with an action plan to get short, medium, and long term results. This will catch the attention of clients and put you on a different level from others.

03- Monetization Phase

Let’s be honest… as much as design is our passion, we dedicate and study to put money in our pocket and live a peaceful life. The designer who does not know how to sell their service professionally spends years unhappy with how much they earn and working with clients who drain their creativity. Even if it doesn’t seem natural to you, I promise that with what you will see in this training, you will become a born salesperson and be able to charge much more for your services.

Let's make It simple for you to start seeing results.

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Introducing the Flyer God Formula

See what you will receive by starting today:

Flyer Gods Checklist:

Upon joining Flyer God, you will automatically receive a checklist to help you navigate the entire process over the next days. This will give you even more security and accuracy to achieve the goal we promised in the timeframe.

Check out all the content you get in Flyer God to help you unlock your career in the Design market:

In this module, we will teach you all the theoretical aspects that an elite designer needs to know. Quickly and concisely. What colleges take 5 years to teach you, we will deliver in just a few hours.

In the onboarding module, we will dissect Photoshop for you. We will introduce you to all the necessary tools to reach the highest level in the market, including the “hidden” tools that no one teaches.

Do you struggle to cut out elements within Photoshop? Then you need to watch these classes. Here you’ll learn how to perfectly cut out any image quickly and confidently.

Do you know those image treatments that professional photographers apply to their projects? Here you will learn the most advanced photo editing techniques in the graphic design market.

Have you ever heard someone say that working well with light and shadow in an image is crucial to creating something with a lot of visual impact? Well, in this module, you’ll learn the ambientation techniques that separate professionals from amateurs.

The post-production part of your composition is crucial for a high-level technical project. This is where you adjust all the details and add that final touch to leave the client speechless.

In this module, we will create several projects from scratch, showing you each step in detail. We will apply all the lessons learned throughout the course to various flyers with different styles.

Explore how Photoshop, Midjourney, and Chat GPT transform productivity and creativity, boosting your earnings to $2,000 monthly and reducing hours of work to minutes. Ideal for expanding businesses or freelancers seeking significant revenue increases with minimal effort.

Learn efficient, quick-result strategies to enhance client acquisition and overcome sales objections. Plus, receive a proven business proposal template that has secured significant revenue.

Elevate your value and boost profits 10x with unique positioning. Stand out in a crowded market by defining a unique selling proposition that attracts premium clients and allows you to command higher prices. Transform your business for substantial financial growth and sustained success.

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Unique opportunity today: Receive various exclusive classes with renowned experts as a bonus!

We will also offer you exclusive help from some of the best designers in the world, so you can further perfect your design techniques by learning from other references. This will be like a superpower for you to stand out even more against the competition that usually gets stuck with boring and lifeless tutorials out there.

Lifetime access to the product

There’s no need to worry with our exclusive offer: by purchasing this course, you are guaranteed lifetime access to all included contents. This provides the freedom to explore and learn at your own pace, eliminating any fears of losing access or not having enough time to fully grasp all the material. Take advantage of this opportunity to study at your leisure and with complete peace of mind.

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Results of students who applied:

Who is this training for?

This training is ideal for:

Aspiring Graphic Designers:

Those who want to kickstart their career and start earning a substantial income quickly.

Current Graphic Designers:

Professionals who feel stuck in their career and are looking for a proven method to boost their income.


Individuals who want to scale their design business and attract high paying clients.


Design students who want to gain practical skills and start making money even before graduating.


People who love graphic design and want to turn their passion into a profitable career.

Who Is this training not for?

This training is not suitable for:

People Looking for Overnight Success:

If you expect to become a millionaire without putting in the effort and following the process, this training is not for you.

Non Design Enthusiasts:

Those who are not interested in graphic design and are looking for other types of income opportunities.

Unmotivated Individuals:

If you are not willing to commit to the 7-day process and implement the lessons, this training will not benefit you.

Those Who Are Unwilling to Invest:

If you are not ready to invest in your education and growth, this training might not be the right fit.

Designers Who Are Already Making More Than $5000/ Month:

If you are already highly successful and earning a substantial income from design, this training may not provide new insights for you.

Sign up now and guarantee your spot:

Total Price: $591

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*You will be directed to a secure and protected page where you will enter your information, and once you complete it, in less than 5 minutes, you will receive access to the Flyer God in your email.

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