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Master Photoshop and create professional artwork in less than 10 minutes with the Supreme Pack.

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With the Supreme Pack, you can create amazing flyers like these made by our students!

Check out some of my favourite artworks created by some of our students. All of this where posted 24-48h after they bought Supreme Pack.

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Recall everything that is included in the Supreme Pack:

The Supreme Pack was carefully developed so that everyone, regardless of age, background, or location, can create amazing flyers in less than 10 minutes.


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+150 Editable PSDs for you to use as templates and work faster. ($59)

With the Supreme Pack, unlock your full creative potential! Get your hands on over 150 fully editable PSD files, including assets and professional resources. Discover the techniques that leave our clients delighted and always coming back for more. That amazing artwork from the designer you admire? Now, you can create something similar! With unrestricted access to our creative process, the Supreme Pack boosts your productivity to the max: use our PSDs as a starting point and create original projects in minutes. Say goodbye to creative block and hello to the freedom to create without limits and with speed.

"They don't have the artworks for the niche I want... what now?"

If the perfect artwork for your project seems out of reach, don’t worry! With our package, you have the freedom to choose a design you like and customize it your way. Swap images, adjust colors, and modify phrases to create a unique piece. The great advantage is flexibility: adapt any artwork to fit your niche in minutes. Discover the ease of bringing your ideas to life with the Supreme Pack.

+50 Editable Sticker PSDs to enhance your velocity. ($18)

Transform your way of creating with the +50 editable stickers from the Supreme Pack! Imagine the ease of bringing your ideas to life with just a few clicks in Photoshop. Each sticker is more than just a graphic element – it’s a gateway to infinite customization possibilities. Change colors, sizes, effects, images, and text with total freedom and efficiency. Made quickly and without complication, these stickers are the secret to adding a touch of sophistication to your projects.

+120 AI-Created Backgrounds to streamline your creative process. ($18)

You’ll have access to one of the best background packages on the internet, consisting of over 120 AI-generated images that you can use to create your art in Photoshop. But what’s so special about this? It means that the images available in this pack can’t be found anywhere else on the internet, only within our platform. This eliminates the risk of using a background image in your art and having hundreds of others using the same image in theirs, making your work stand out from generic, stock-image-like designs.

Transform Your Flyers: Create Amazing Backgrounds in Seconds!

This pack is, undoubtedly, my most valuable secret for quickly creating spectacular backgrounds in all my projects. Ever since I started using these AI-generated images, my days of endless searching on Google are over. Now, I have everything I need at my fingertips, allowing me to focus on what really matters: the creativity and quality of my work.

+2GB of high-resolution textures to use in your projects. ($18)

Boost your creations with our exclusive high-resolution texture pack! Forget the long hours of frustrating searches for quality textures on the internet. With our pack, you get immediate access to a selected collection that puts excellence at your fingertips. Ideal for those seeking efficiency without compromising on quality, this pack is the key to impressive projects with less effort. Get ready to elevate the level of your art, saving time and enhancing your results.

Bonus #01 - Photoshop Course for Beginners ($97)

-“I don’t know how to use Photoshop, I’m afraid I won’t be able to use the PSDs from the pack.”

We understand your insecurities about starting with Photoshop, and that’s why we offer a special course for beginners that complements the Supreme Pack. Designed for those who have never used the program, this course will increase your confidence and ability to explore all the functionalities of the pack. Our tutorials are short, efficient, and focused, ensuring practical and uncomplicated learning. With them, you will be ready to fully enjoy Photoshop without wasting time.

Bonus #02 - How to Profit with Photoshop ($97)

-“What’s the use of having all these resources if I don’t have clients to make use of all this material available in the Supreme Pack?”

Turn your talent into money with our proven strategies in negotiation, sales, and client prospecting. The Supreme Pack provides an unparalleled creative arsenal, but the real power lies in knowing how to use it to attract and delight clients. We will teach you the exact techniques to not only capture the market’s attention but also to fill your schedule with clients who are eager to take advantage of your unique skills. Get ready to see the demand for your work soar.

Bonus #03 - Lifetime access to the product (Immeasurable)

-“How long do I have access to the packs and classes? Do I need to download everything before I lose access?”

There’s no need to worry with our exclusive offer: by purchasing this package, you are guaranteed lifetime access to all included contents. This provides the freedom to explore and learn at your own pace, eliminating any fears of losing access or not having enough time to fully grasp all the material. Take advantage of this opportunity to study at your leisure and with complete peace of mind.

Bonus #04 - 1 Year Warranty on the Supreme Pack (Immeasurable)

-“All this for that price? It must be a scam or I’ll regret it after buying.”

We offer a 1-year money-back guarantee for the Supreme Pack, exceeding the typical 7-day guarantee, because we fully trust in the transformative impact of the Supreme Pack on your career. If you decide that the product does not meet your expectations, we will not only refund your money but also keep your access to the package as a courtesy. This way, you experience it risk-free and still retain all the benefits, even if you opt for a refund.

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  • +150 Professional Flyer PSDs ($59)
  • +50 Editable Sticker PSDs ($18)
  • +120 AI-Created Backgrounds ($18)
  • +2GB of high-resolution textures ($18)
  • Bonus - Photoshop for Beginners ($97)
  • Bonus - How to Profit with Photoshop ($97)
  • Bonus - Lifetime access (Priceless)
  • Bonus - Special 1-Year Guarantee (Priceless)
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NO! You pay ONCE and get lifetime access to the Supreme Pack + bonuses, with no monthly fees!

Absolutely, one of the biggest advantages is that the files are 100% editable! Even as a beginner, you can create fantastic work.

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Firstly, you need to know that the designs are fully editable, so you can adapt any of them to your niche or your client’s. For example: you can take a design of an athlete and adapt it for an artist, take a design of an artist, and adapt it for an event in your city, and so on! There are over 100 editable PSDs!

Receive immediate access after payment confirmation.

See what our students say about their experience with the Supreme Pack:

I could show more than 500 screenshots like this, but I’ve selected only the best to not waste your time.

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