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Get to know the 3 Steps of the Ultimate God Pack project.

This method was created in this way so that everyone can follow the classes and achieve professional success in the video market. It doesn’t matter your age, educational background, or where you are from.

We show you how to work with assets and resources to create fantastic video projects in just a few minutes. Crazy stuff.

Our best ideas on negotiation, sales, and prospecting clients. Learning how to make sick videos is kinda pointless if you can’t close new projects. We teach you exactly how to do it

More than 30gb of high end video assets and resources that will skyrocket the quality and the speed you make your videos. Particles, Noise, overlays, smoke, transitions, fire, and MUCH more. We unlock your mind to a new way of building videos that earn us 20.000 U$ a month.

Ultimate God Pack

Dust Particles ♦ Fire ♦ Transitions ♦ Leaks ♦ Noise ♦ Smoke ♦ Sparks ♦ Glitch ♦ Surprise

Free Bonus

Thought it was over? With the Ultimate God Pack, you’ll also get access to another bonus course.


After Effects Basic Training

If you are beginner, or have never used After effects in your life, it’s time to change that. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of the program, and start creating animated videos that catch your client’s attention and bring you more money.

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See all the bonuses you’ll get:

The value of everything you receive is an impressive $83.

Total price: $83

*Today only, you save $78

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